First Choice Saint Paul


First Choice St. Paul is a grassroots coalition that believes residents of the City have the right to choose their garbage hauler and level of service. St. Paul consumers should have the choice to pick their hauler and type of service that fits their needs.

On Wednesday, July 19th, City Hall voted to delay any action and reconvene next week because of the amount of emails, calls, and comments they had received in opposition of government-run trash collection.

The City released the long-awaited fee structure for their government managed system. Which includes a new $52 annual fee and Proposed Monthly Residential trash rates of:

95 gallons: $31.55
65 gallons: $29.76
35 gallons: $24.40
35 gallons, collected every two weeks: $21.11

This plan will result in Saint Paul residents having no choice in hauler and will most likely end up paying 25-50% more!

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